Planning for Web Marketing

Chapter 2
Planning for Web Marketing

In This Chapter

  • Getting ahead of the game
  • Establishing goals for your site
  • Finding out about target markets
  • Applying the four Ps of marketing
  • Understanding why people buy
  • Putting it all together in an online marketing plan

It’s easy to get so involved with the Web that you lose sight of your business goals. In this chapter, I show you how a few, simple, planning tools can help you track the big picture while maximizing the contribution of your Web site to your bottom line.

If you mastered marketing principles in business school long ago, this chapter connects cybermarketing to your memories of business plans, the four Ps of marketing (product, price, placement, and promotion), and Maslow’s Triangle. If your marketing knowledge comes from the school of hard knocks or if you’re new to business, these conceptual marketing tools enable you to allocate marketing dollars in a new environment.

As you go through the planning process, I suggest that you summarize your decisions on the forms in this chapter. Refer to them whenever you’re uncertain about a Web marketing decision. These forms also make it easier to convey your site goals and objectives consistently to developers, graphic designers, other service providers, and employees.

For your convenience, you can download full page versions of these forms from Downloads section

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