Getting Going with Online Marketing

Unless you’re Mr. or Ms. Moneybags, know what you’re doing before you start spending money and time with online marketing. This section stresses the importance of Web planning as it intersects with all aspects of your business, including the financial ones.

Chapter 1 puts Web marketing in the context of overall marketing. You discover that what you already know about marketing is true, such as the importance of return on investment (ROI). At the same time, Web marketing confronts you with new techniques and terms, such as the conversion funnel,which measures what percent of site browsers convert to buyers.

It’s easy to get so enthralled by Web technology that you lose site of your business goals. Take advantage of basic planning tools in Chapter 2 to maintain a focus on your bottom line, even as your marketing world grows more complex. A quick review of basic business and marketing principles demystifies Web marketing and positions you at the starting line.

Before you create — or redesign — your Web site for success, come to terms with your own limitations. Except for genius types who work 48 hour days, everyone needs help. In Chapter 3, you find out how to select good professional help or how to take advantage of online tools to get going.

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